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"Returns on (prime) leasing are at 4.35% in Luxembourg" From D A N I E L  P E C H O N Considered more remunerative than an investment in traditional bricks and mortar, and often not on the radar of the property aficionados, real estate funds, land banks, or even real estate equities have a great deal to offer. If you are looking at buy to let and to profit from property returns, but your financial resources are limited, or you are put off by the risk of a tenant who is a bad payer. Or if you simply wish to invest in property other than residential property. There is a solution that enables you to forget the constraints faced by all landlord owners. With the advantage of not having to invest directly, and of obtaining access to the property with only a modest level of investment. Specialist funds are available that enable access to commercial property, office buildings, businesses, logistics hubs, or even residential property. Wit ...
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